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AWS – Database Migration Service – Wildcard Include and Exclude Table

AWS Database Migration Services(DMS) provides an easy to use the web interface to create a database migration task. One can do wildcard include(All tables in a Schema) and exclude certain tables. DMS provides an option to Map Tables via Wizard or JSON Editor. Here is how the UI looks like: While it is less effort […]

Oracle Apiary and Oracle API Platform-as-a-service by Lakshman Bulusu

Oracle API Platform Cloud Service is a state-of-the-art P-a-a-S for API-First design and management that enables centralized design and implementation of the full API life cycle from design and standardization to documenting, publishing, testing, governance, and administration of APIs from the Oracle Cloud. It provides the ability to use APIs to gain access to business […]

What is new in oracle 20c for developers part-2 new plsql features by lakshman bulusu

This is a part of What is new in Oracle 20c for developers blog post series. This blog post briefly describes some new pl/sql features in Oracle 20c from a developer perspective. New PL/SQL Features 1. PL/SQL-only attributes in Non Persistable User Defined Types PL/SQL-only data types such as BOOLEAN and PLS_INTEGER can be used […]

What is new in Oracle 20c for developers – Part-1 New SQL features by Lakshman Bulusu

This blog post enumerates on some of the new features in Oracle 20c for developers. It describes these new features (with code snippetsĀ  for some of them) in two parts, namely, SQL and PL/SQL, for developers and application programmers. Part -1 outlines new SQL features and part-2 describes new PL/SQL features. As a preview, the […]

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