In the search for a Search Bar

By teamprinceton | August 8, 2016 |

The Wiki say’s, a search box or search field is a graphical control element used in computer programs, such as file managers or web browsers, and on web sites. A search box is usually a single-line text box with the dedicated function of accepting user input to be searched for in a database. Search boxes … Continue reading “In the search for a Search Bar”

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Microsoft Office – Theme Change Event via VSTO Add-In

By teamprinceton | July 22, 2016 |

Microsoft Office doesn’t have a theme change event in their VSTO API, so in order to detect the theme change, we need to monitor the registry key “UI Theme”. The key can be found in the following registry path: For Office 2013: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Office\\15.0\\Common For Office 2016: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Office\\16.0\\Common The value is a REG_DWORD and its range … Continue reading “Microsoft Office – Theme Change Event via VSTO Add-In”

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AngularJS – ng-repeat and Radio Buttons

By teamprinceton | |

AngularJS – ng-repeat and Radio Buttons I recently had this problem where I had to select an item from a table. Nothing much, but I avoided buttons for this task and instead used a radio button against each row: where $scope.users = [{“userId”: 1, “firstName”: “a”,“lastName”:“b”}, {“userId”: 2, “firstName”: “c”,“lastName”:“d”}, {“userId”: 3, “firstName”: “e”,“lastName”:“f”}]; and … Continue reading “AngularJS – ng-repeat and Radio Buttons”

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How to set forHTTPHeaderField in iOS?

By teamprinceton | July 15, 2016 |

Using web services is a very common part of development for any iOS developer who is building a dynamic iOS application. Sometimes you may be doing everything correct, but not getting the desired response. You may not be able to consume a web service. Out of the many possible solutions, one solution is to set … Continue reading “How to set forHTTPHeaderField in iOS?”

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Hosting a WCF service

By teamprinceton | June 8, 2016 |

[fusion_text]To be able to consume a WCF service, it needs to be hosted. There are multiple options to host a WCF service, and all of them comes with various advantages and disadvantages. Available hosting options are as follows.   Hosting Option Description 1 Self-Hosting Hosting using Console Application, Win Forms, WPF Application etc. 2 Windows … Continue reading “Hosting a WCF service”

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By teamprinceton | |

Q:When is WWDC? Siri: WWDC will take place from June 13 through June 17, 2016 in San Francisco. Yes, The next WWDC is here. Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), is a conference held annually by Apple Inc., where apple launches their new operating systems. There are various rumours cycling the internet about how the next iPhone will be. Last month … Continue reading “WWDC’16”

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AngularJS timeout and interval services

By teamprinceton | April 9, 2016 |

It is not always required of our functions to provide immediate results, sometimes we need to delay the changes made by a function, for eg, processing of an AJAX request or if we want to schedule changes to an animation. To such end AngularJS provides us with $timeout( ) and $interval( ) services. To use … Continue reading “AngularJS timeout and interval services”

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Basics of Vi editor in Unix

By Buddha Saikia | March 25, 2016 |

The Vi editor is a fast and powerful text editor of Unix system. Vi does not contain any menu, instead it uses combinations of keystrokes to accomplish an action. Here I am sharing some useful information about Vi editor. Modes in Vi editor Vi has two modes. 1. Command mode- Here you can insert Vi … Continue reading “Basics of Vi editor in Unix”

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By teamprinceton | March 18, 2016 |

The Reachability class can be used to check the network connectivity of an iOS device. It uses the System Configuration framework to monitor the network state of an iOS device. However Reachability cannot tell your application whether it is connected to a specific WIFI network or WLAN. Apple provides the headers for reachability class which … Continue reading “Reachability”

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AFNetworking 3.0

By teamprinceton | February 26, 2016 |

With the launch of iOS 7 Apple introduced a new method for networking named NSURLSession. However there exist a better alternative to consider – The popular third-party library for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS called “AFNetworking”. The latest library AFNetworking 3.0 not only includes all the great features provided by NSURLSession, but also has … Continue reading “AFNetworking 3.0”

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