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CI/CD: Definition, Difference, Working Models, and More

DevOps methodology is a big buzz in the technology world due to the adaptive model it offers with CI/CD. CI/CD has been in the software engineering industry for a long time, but DevOps developers have adopted this methodology seriously. CI is an acronym for continuous integration in DevOps and CD is an acronym for Continuous […]

Major Utilities of Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is a popular software solution, which is renowned for jobs like filtering, replicating, and transforming from source database to destination. GoldenGate zero downtime migration is one of the major utilities of this software. The zero downtime migration using GoldenGate is possible even for different database types, i.e., heterogeneous databases. This characteristic of Oracle […]

BI Analytics and the Modern Tools Used to Make Data-driven Decisions

An enormous amount of data is generated by businesses every day. In order to make smart decisions, identify problems, and increase profitability, businesses require the right tools and techniques. BI analytics is one such robust solution that organizations use to turn data into key actionable insights. What is BI analytics? BI analytics is a discipline […]

Major Cloud Computing Trends to Look Forward in 2023

Cloud computing tools and services have been in the market for many years, but the last few years accelerated the adoption of cloud computing platforms. The mandate of Serverless setup, remote work, remote services, etc. made the benefits of cloud computing quite evident. This has not only increased the adoption of these platforms but has […]

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