Keep the Safety Unhinged with The Process of Database Migration

By webmaster | December 15, 2016 |

If you are interested to migrate your database to Oracle, then presently the best options await for you. Not only that the options are now becoming a lot easier, but also that the entire process has now been properly set so that the professional services can do the whole task for you without any kind … Continue reading “Keep the Safety Unhinged with The Process of Database Migration”

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Database Migration in Oracle: Best Choice

By Zaynah Rashid | November 22, 2016 |

If you are interested in database migration in Oracle, then the best options await you. Not only are the options of migrating becoming easier, in addition, the entire process has now been established in order for professional services to complete the migration without any complications. Why Database Migration in Oracle There is increasing popularity and … Continue reading “Database Migration in Oracle: Best Choice”

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SQL Developer Data Migration: A Simple Guide

By Zaynah Rashid | November 5, 2016 |

If we talk about the Oracle SQL Developer data migration tool, which helps in migrating a non-Oracle database to an Oracle database, we are talking about one of the best tools on the market. Oracle is a reliable source for migrating databases and support during the whole process; it has the best tools, practices, and … Continue reading “SQL Developer Data Migration: A Simple Guide”

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4 Reasons for Data Migration

By Zaynah Rashid | October 26, 2016 |

The growth of technology has encourgaed businesses to use new strategies to handle the big data of their companies. One of the strategies is data migration. This method of transferring data moves the less valuable data out of the production system while keeping the sensitive data under the authoritative access. There are a number of reasons as … Continue reading “4 Reasons for Data Migration”

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Oracle Database System Administration: Are You Safe?

By webmaster | October 20, 2016 |

The Oracle Database System Administration accesses all information and data related to the customers, finance, corporate relations, and property. The security is important and most business owners take necessary steps in order to keep it safe from threats. But is it enough? Or, one should need to be more careful. If you have undergone database migration … Continue reading “Oracle Database System Administration: Are You Safe?”

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What You Need to Set Up Oracle Goldengate

By webmaster | October 14, 2016 |

In order to set up or shift to the Goldengate, a company needs to create the necessary environment to favor this type of database system. There are many ways to cultivate the favorable environments, which can be understood through the assistance of Goldengate migration experts. However, there are some basic facts that anyone moving in this … Continue reading “What You Need to Set Up Oracle Goldengate”

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Seeking Fundamentals of Oracle Migration

By webmaster | October 3, 2016 |

It is quite known to the common public that Oracle is known for a provision of a wide range of “relative migration services” that necessarily transcends the transfer of data across different platforms to Oracle. In order to be acquainted with the use of Oracle technology at its fundamental best, it is necessary to have … Continue reading “Seeking Fundamentals of Oracle Migration”

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Oracle Goldengate – unable to start integrated replicat – OGG-00446

By Ravi Karamsetty | September 4, 2016 |

For one of our projects, we upgraded Goldengate version to After upgrading to newer version, I am able to successfully add new replicats. But when I tried starting the replicat, I encountered the following error: 2016-09-04 11:50:58 ERROR OGG-00446 Supplemental checkpoint table does not exist. Create a supplemental checkpoint table with the UPGRADE CHECKPOINTTABLE … Continue reading “Oracle Goldengate – unable to start integrated replicat – OGG-00446”

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Goldengate – Integrated Capture fails with OGG-02912

By Ravi Karamsetty | |

Here is one of my recent experiences running Oracle Goldegange against Oracle database. I was able to add Goldengate Extract Integrated process successfully without any issues. But when I tried starting the extract process, extract failed with the following error: 2016-09-04 23:49:30 ERROR OGG-02912 Patch 17030189 is required on your Oracle mining database … Continue reading “Goldengate – Integrated Capture fails with OGG-02912”

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Goldengate Integrated Extract – Identifying and resolving extract process hang issue

By Ravi Karamsetty | January 2, 2016 |

Goldengate extract process can hang for various reasons. It is very important to have a process in place to monitor goldengate process and detect hanging issues. I recently encountered Goldengate Extract Hang issue. Below is how I resolved this issue: Copy the following SQL and save to file – dba_capture_info.sql: col CAPTURE_NAME for a20; col QUEUE_NAME … Continue reading “Goldengate Integrated Extract – Identifying and resolving extract process hang issue”

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