51.3% Internet Usage Comes from Mobile And Tablet…

By yuez | March 5, 2018 |

8 Things You Need for A Killer Mobile-Friendly Website You already know your company needs a mobile-friendly website (otherwise you would not be researching this) so we won’t spend time trying to convince you of something you already know. Instead, we’re going to point out 8 things to consider when thinking about your mobile website … Continue reading “51.3% Internet Usage Comes from Mobile And Tablet…”

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In the search for a Search Bar

By teamprinceton | August 8, 2016 |

The Wiki say’s, a search box or search field is a graphical control element used in computer programs, such as file managers or web browsers, and on web sites. A search box is usually a single-line text box with the dedicated function of accepting user input to be searched for in a database. Search boxes … Continue reading “In the search for a Search Bar”

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Make a fantastic app icon!

By teamprinceton | July 15, 2016 |

In the process of developing an app, one of the most important thing that comes in the way is to design an app icon. Though most app designer conceive of an app icon much before the development is done, but I believe, we always should remind ourselves of its importance and how it can influence … Continue reading “Make a fantastic app icon!”

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Inkscape VS Illustrator

By teamprinceton | January 22, 2016 |

To create vector graphics for your app mock ups and icons, you might already be using Adobe’s Illustrator. If you think you’re spending too much monthly rentals to Adobe for the same, here is an alternative..switch to Inkscape! Inkscape provides almost all the functions as in illustrator and it’s totally free! Inkscape and illustrator has … Continue reading “Inkscape VS Illustrator”

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Material Shadows with Inkscape!

By teamprinceton | January 1, 2016 |

[fusion_text] Are you into Material Design these days? Are you fighting to inherit all the technical spec defined by Google and trying to create a mock up of your app in Inkscape?? If ‘YES’, you’re one of us and we’re ready to help you out. In Material Design you can easily follow the Google Material … Continue reading “Material Shadows with Inkscape!”

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Why Material Design?

By teamprinceton | December 7, 2015 |

I am a designer who started with user interface designs back in 2006. Since then, things have changed a lot. The concept of UI and icons went through a paradigm shift. The fancy 3D styled Icons with a realistic, high detailed touch, born from the rich graphic nature of the realistic style is a passé … Continue reading “Why Material Design?”

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ICONS for Windows10

By teamprinceton | October 21, 2015 |

Using the Segoe UI Symbol font is probably the easiest way to get icons that works with Windows 8.1 without too much fuss. For more information on the available icons available in the font, check out this nice list on the MSDN library. To use them could not be any easier. The following XAML snippet … Continue reading “ICONS for Windows10”

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Why use more icons and less text designing apps.

By teamprinceton | |

Universally, icons play a vital role in app design. Apps can be simplified, modernized and can be more intuitive with proper use of icons or graphical representations of each functions. We need more graphical interpretations of our apps because unlike language, graphics do not have a language barrier and has a broader universal appeal to … Continue reading “Why use more icons and less text designing apps.”

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