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Key Benefits of Business Intelligence You Need to Know in 2023; Part 2

Business data is your most valuable asset that, if used the right way, can transform your business to the next level. There are many advantages for companies adopting BI technology including improved ROI, driving strategic decision-making, eliminating waste, identifying business opportunities in advance, and so on. In part one of this article, we discussed some […]

Key Benefits of Business Intelligence You Need to Know in 2023; Part 1

At the present time, it’s very important to adopt new tools and techniques to maximize profits and stay competitive in the market. Business Intelligence is one such tool that analyzes and manages business data and helps you stay profitable by making you visualize data in a better way. One of the biggest success factors for […]

Everything You Need to Know about Data Visualisation

Introduction to Data Visualization The visual display of data and information is known as data visualization. Data visualization tools offer an easy approach to observing and detecting trends, deviations, and patterns found in data by incorporating visual components like tables, graphs, and charts. Moreover, it offers a great tool for professionals or entrepreneurs for the […]

What are the New Features in Oracle GoldenGate 21c?

Oracle GoldenGate 21c was one of the most awaited updates launched by Oracle which enables businesses to continuously access mission-critical data in real time, maximizing the value of IT investments and enhancing business processes. GoldenGate offers a modular framework that quickly expands to handle the mission-critical, high-volume, low-impact data integration and replication difficulties encountered by […]

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