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How to Migrate an Oracle Database to PostgreSQL?

To conduct their day-to-day operations, most companies rely on various database systems. Oracle and PostgreSQL are two of the most popular database systems that businesses use. The major difference between them is Oracle is a closed database system, whereas PostgreSQL is an open-source database. Hence, there are many advantages for the companies to consider Oracle […]

What are the Benefits of Migrating to Linux?

Are you confused about migrating your database from Solaris to Linux or migrating from any existing OS to Linux? If yes, then this blog will help you lead to the right decision. The number of computer professionals using Linux is increasing day by day. Big companies are considering Oracle Solaris to Linux migration. Linux OS […]

Why You Should Move from On-Premise IT Infrastructure to Azure Cloud in 2022?

In the new normal business world, remote access and hybrid working environments have become the norm. Businesses that are still using outdated windows servers should consider moving their data to the cloud. Moving your data to Azure has several advantages, including significant cost savings and making remote working significantly easier. By far, the most popular […]

Difference Between Solaris and Linux Operating System

A lot of enterprises consider Oracle Solaris to Linux Migration or Linux to Solaris as per the requirement of their applications and database. Before making this decision, an important question is, what is the difference between Linux and Solaris? Here, in this article, we will discuss a few key differences between these two popular operating […]

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