Useful keyboard shortcuts of Android Studio (Windows)

Hi there! Here is a list of some useful keyboard shortcuts of Android Studio which will save your time while coding-

Name Shortcuts
Find Class CTRL+N
Delete Line Ctrl+Y
Reformat Code Ctrl+ALT+L
Project Quick Fix (Constructors, Getter, Setter, equals, hashCode, toString etc) ALT+INS
Jump to Line Number Ctrl+G
Rename and Refactor Shift+F6
Project Quick Fix(including string resource refactor) ALT+ENTER
Run SHFT+F10
Debug SHFT+F9
Go to Class Definition CTRL+B
Search by symbol name CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + N
Jump to source F4
Show parameters for selected method CTRL + P
Command look-up (autocomplete command name) CTRL + SHIFT + A
Optimize/Organize Imports Ctrl+Alt+O

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