We are a dynamic IT Solutions company providing enterprise-level service & support for companies big & small. With more than 20 years of experience building custom solutions for IT professionals in some of the largest data companies in the world, we have the battle-tested skills to ensure your mission-critical systems are fully optimized, functioning, secure, and up-to-date.

We leverage the power and expertise of our technology partners, software partners, and broad reaching professional network to provide you and your company with industry leading solutions & support from top to bottom. You can call us in to solve one small database issue, or to completely re-architect an enterprise solution from the ground up. We are fully flexible and scalable for any project thanks to our talented onsite, offsite, and off shore team of professionals.

Database Solution

Our experienced architects, developers, and designers can create any data solution.


No matter the industry, product or service type, network size, or technology platform.

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Let us help you create an infinitely scaleable solution to power your business.


Provide the flexibility and scalability your customers demand and future-proof your business.

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Let us build a ground-up solution that fits the unique needs of your business.


We have more than 20 years of experience building custom software solutions for enterprise companies.

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If you need a extra hand to solve your system issues, we're here to help.


Our team of database professionals can diagnose, resolve, and implement system solutions 24/7.

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Businesses tend to encounter challenges with high availability databases, data security, performance optimization, and the cost of data management. Our engineers understand these challenges and are experienced in resolving these challenges by integrating industry-leading Oracle products.

For more than 20 years, the team at Princeton IT Services has provided premier database consulting and engineering solutions with custom database design and development using industry-leading platforms like Oracle. Thanks to our battle-tested experience building dynamic and flexible solutions, we have helped hundreds of companies improve efficiencies and budgets for their mission-critical systems through data modeling with OLTP & OLAP, Development & Testing.

We stand apart from other service providers thanks to our:

  • High levels of Client interaction with senior engineering professionals on our team.
  • Deep industry expertise across a number of business verticals
  • Our innovative development environment using Solutions Management™ and FlexTeam™
  • Proven project design/build methodology to ensure predictable, cost-effective and high quality results.

We provide complete end-to-end service for the administration of all major database systems, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL maintenance, monitoring, upgrading, security, and backup. Princeton IT Services deliver transparent enterprise-level solutions that provide incredible reliability, accountability, and security while maintaining your system management budgets. Your Admin will review your capacity, performance, backups and testing, and ensure adherence to best practices.

Our System Admin services include:

  • 24×7 support of production databases
  • Proactive security and patch services & rapid response for critical issues
  • Continuous monitoring of mission-critical databases
  • Live detection of potential system problems & proactive solution strategies

We specialize in connecting different database systems (dBase/FoxBase/FoxPro in the DOS/Novell/Windows 3.x world; MS SQL Server; Oracle; Sybase SQL/ASE Servers; Sybase IQ; Informix/Dynamic; MySQL; PostGreSQL/EnterpriseDB; and others) to each other so legacy systems can be fully upgraded to the most-current technologies, different systems can share data, and your database build can support the long-term growth of your company.

Our heterogeneous database solutions include:

  • Support for real-time (in addition to batch) data access, movement and sharing
  • Support for any size data set & data warehousing solutions
  • Support for multiple databases, big data systems & Cloud-based systems (whether source or target)
  • Solutions for any database platform

Having your data environment secure and up-to-date is critical for your success; but you may be running applications or systems developed 5, 7, 10 years ago that are running on older versions of hardware, software, and architecture. These outdated systems may be posing security and data management risks due to the termination of support and malfunctions that arise at the end of a product lifecycle. We’re here to help get your system up-to-date and ready for the next phase of your company growth.

Our Migration & Upgrade Services include:

  • Renovation & Upgrades from Aging Software Solutions
  • Data Management Optimization & Licensing services
  • Zero-Downtime Migrations
  • Database, App, and Cloud Migrations

Why Choose Princeton IT Services?

  • More than 20 years experience as a IT solutions provider

  • Infinite solutions scalability thanks to FlexTeam

  • Personal attention from your Solutions Manager

  • Get ON-TIME and ON-BUDGET solutions for mission-critical systems

  • Leverage our battle-tested experience to improve your processes

What IT Professionals are saying…

Princeton IT Services is an incredible resource for me and my team. They bring a lot of experience and have helped us identify and solve problems before they hit the production site. We have save time and money for the company working with Ravi and his team.

Jerry P. Fortune 500 Company

In all the years we have been calling on Ravi and his team at Princeton IT Services, we have yet to be able to stump them. They are consummate professionals who have helped us build and implement 3 major systems for the company and each one came in under budget!

Kevin W. Fortune 100 Company

From start to finish, Ravi and his team have made this complex process easy and enjoyable. They are responsive to my feedback and suggestions for the software development and have helped guide the system to be more flexible than I could have imagined when we started.

Chris W. Comercial Real Estate Company

The top IT Professionals in the world trust Princeton IT Services…



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