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4 Basic Techniques of Data Analytics

Running a successful organisation requires extensive data analysis. Effective data utilisation improves comprehension of a company’s historical performance and decision-making for its future operations. Data analysis is the procedure of modifying, analysing, and cleansing raw data in order to obtain useful, pertinent information that supports corporate decision-making. By offering insightful data and information, frequently displayed […]

What is Power BI and Why Should You Use it?

Power BI is the latest milestone in business intelligence for organizations that need more robust reporting and analytical capabilities than what Excel can provide. Businesses can collect, examine, and analyze data from many departments using Power BI, which gives them a better understanding of how their operations and performance is doing and enables them to […]

Understanding 5 types of Data Analytics

Data analysis is an essential aspect of managing an effective organisation. Whenever data is used efficiently, it leads to a greater knowledge of a company’s past performance and more informed decisions about its future operations. Data can be utilised in a variety of ways at all stages of an operation of the company. 5 types […]

Data Visualization in 2023; The Big Picture

In the big data world, the significance of visualization is rising dramatically. Mobile devices in particular have transformed into data sources that have revolutionized how businesses gather and analyze data in order to provide insights that can be put to use. Technology is all around us, and it has a significant impact on how we […]

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