Zero Downtime Migration

Database Migration Case Study

Project Description:

Our client a number one financial services and world’s largest retail bank would like to upgrade/migrate one of their 30 TB Oracle Database from Oracle 9i RAC running on Solaris OS to Oracle 10g RAC runningon AIX OS. Client has already decided on the DB version and OS platform. As this database caters many internal, external and critical decision supporting systems, client can’t afford to have downtime beyond the Service Level Agreements. As there is no similar lower environment supporting various workloads and complex client applications, it is difficult to test every use case, hence there is a need for a fallback plan.

This project was delayed by 18 months due to lack of direction and experience from other Top Big Box Consulting companies. Princeton Database Engineers has already migrated over 600+ databases using zero-downtime approach and has good experience handing migrations of Very Large Database Systems.

Within first 4 weeks of engagement, Princeton Database experts presented the management with the approach that address:

  • Migration of database using zero-down time approach. We chose Oracle Goldengate for this migration.

  • Addressing concerns on Zero Data Loss and Zero Data Corruption.

  • Presented our proprietary data comparison tool that can validate source and targets are in sync in a very short window of time. The time to validate and ensure that both source and target databases are in sync is too short and only our tools proved to be addressing this need.

  • Presented the approach of backward replication after the primary cut-over, providing them the option to failback without losing data in case if any of their customer/down-stream system has issues with the new database.

Management was very happy with our approach and Princeton has implemented this approach successfully without any issues making this a huge success for the client’s business.

world’s largest retail bank

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