Java Full Stack Trainer (Part Time)

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Job Title: Java Full Stack Trainer

Location: Princeton, NJ

Role Type: Part Time

Job Summary:

We are in search of a dynamic and experienced Java Full Stack Trainer with expertise in Spring Boot and Microservices. As a Java Full Stack Trainer, you will play a crucial role in delivering comprehensive training sessions to individuals or small groups, focusing on Java Full Stack development. The ideal candidate should possess extensive experience in Java Full Stack development, proficiency in Spring Boot and Microservices architecture, and a passion for imparting practical, project-based knowledge.

1.Training Delivery:
•Conduct engaging and interactive training sessions covering the entire Java Full Stack, including frontend (React or other relevant frameworks) and backend (Spring Boot and Microservices).
•Tailor training programs to meet the diverse needs of individuals or small groups.
2.Coaching and Mentoring:
•Provide personalized coaching and mentoring to participants, guiding them on best practices in Java Full Stack development, Spring Boot, and Microservices.
•Foster a supportive learning environment that encourages participants to ask questions and seek guidance.
3.Practical Project-Based Knowledge:
•Share real-world experiences from Java Full Stack projects, emphasizing the application of Spring Boot and Microservices.
•Develop and deliver hands-on exercises and projects to reinforce theoretical concepts.
4.Curriculum Development:
•Collaborate with the curriculum development team to enhance and update training materials.
•Stay current with industry trends and incorporate relevant technologies into the curriculum.
5.Assessment and Feedback:
•Conduct assessments to evaluate participants’ understanding of the material.
•Provide constructive feedback to participants for continuous improvement.
6.Stay Updated:
•Stay abreast of the latest developments in Java Full Stack technologies, Spring Boot, and Microservices.
•Continuously update training content to reflect industry best practices.


•Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field.
•Hands-on experience in Java Full Stack development with expertise in Spring Boot and Microservices architecture.
•Strong understanding of web development concepts and best practices.
•Ability to explain complex technical concepts in a clear and concise manner.
•Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build rapport with participants.
•Relevant certifications in Java Full Stack, Spring Boot, and Microservices are a plus.
• Prior experience in Training/Mentoring

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