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Major Cloud Computing Trends to Look Forward in 2023

Cloud computing tools and services have been in the market for many years, but the last few years accelerated the adoption of cloud computing platforms. The mandate of Serverless setup, remote work, remote services, etc. made the benefits of cloud computing quite evident. This has not only increased the adoption of these platforms but has also emerged some exciting new trends. Whether you are using some types of cloud computing or not, knowing the major cloud computing trends is a must to leverage this latest technology shift.

Major cloud computing trends to look forward to in 2023:

1. Adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud setup

According to the Gartner forecast report, around 90% of large scaled businesses and around 75% of medium scaled businesses will adopt the hybrid IT strategy that involves on-premise servers, public clouds, legacy platforms, and exclusive private cloud platforms. There are several benefits associated with these types of cloud computing and its adoption will be a major trend in 2023.

2. Protection from Vulnerabilities

As the adoption of cloud computing services and platforms is increasing, associated threats related to Cybersecurity are also increasing. Thus, the need for securing IT data and infrastructure hosted on AWS cloud computing or any other cloud platform will increase in 2023. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), more than 40% of businesses will adopt cloud computing platforms to meet compliance and security needs by 2024.

3. No-code or low-code to save time

The practice of managing servers, deploying tools, and creating apps without code or with minimal coding is getting increasingly popular. AI/ ML and other automation tools help in saving time with no-code and low-code apps, tools, servers, and more. One of the benefits of cloud computing platforms is that enterprises get access to a range of apps and tools made available with the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

4. Analytics for meaningful and actionable insight

Cloud computing platforms store everything as a digital copy. Thus, these platforms are a mine of meaningful data. This data is of your business and it can be converted into meaningful analytics by different types of cloud computing and analytics applications. Businesses can use this data to analyze various performance metrics and make data-driven decisions. Thus, major types of cloud services will also include analytics and report generation as a major trend in 2023.

5. Cloud cost optimization

Different cloud computing services would cost differently. Some platforms such as AWS cloud computing also support pay-as-you-go models. This sometimes makes it difficult to predict the total spending over cloud computing. Thus, one of the major trends in 2023 will be cloud cost or spending optimization. Cloud service providers are working in this space and continue contributing to making lives of business owners or financial forecasters easier.


By the end of 2023, the number of users of cloud computing platforms and cloud computing services would be huge. Thus, watching out for the latest trends and harnessing the real benefits of cloud computing would be something everyone would be looking for. Princeton IT services can be your technical partner and help you with its different types of cloud computingservices. To initiate the discussion, contact us.