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What are the New Features in Oracle GoldenGate 21c?

Oracle GoldenGate 21c was one of the most awaited updates launched by Oracle which enables businesses to continuously access mission-critical data in real time, maximizing the value of IT investments and enhancing business processes.

GoldenGate offers a modular framework that quickly expands to handle the mission-critical, high-volume, low-impact data integration and replication difficulties encountered by businesses today. It supports a wide range of continuous availability, disaster tolerance, and data integration needs. We can say it’s a better version of the earlier database introduced by Oracle GoldenGate.

Besides these benefits, there are some brand-new features that make Oracle GoldenGate 21c stand out from other software in the market. Let’s have a look at these features in detail.

What are the new features in Oracle GoldenGate 21c?

1. Expanded coverage of Microservices Architecture

Oracle GoldenGate 21c now supports DB2 for z/OS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, considerably increasing the database coverage of the Microservices Architecture. GoldenGate’s Microservices can be configured as a distributed service mesh or a hub configuration based on the needs of the customer.

2. Full availability and improved user face

The GoldenGate Microservices Architecture is fully available via REST APIs for easy scripting in addition to a sophisticated Web User Interface that offers no-code and self-service access to all GoldenGate functionalities.

3. Enhanced Replicat’s coverage

With this release, the Parallel Replicat’s coverage has also been enhanced and is now available for all databases that Oracle GoldenGate 21c supports.

4. Better performance

With GoldenGate 21c, all supported target systems may now take use of Parallel Replicat’s performance benefits and ease of configuration, which were previously only accessible for the Oracle Database when it was first launched in Oracle GoldenGate 12.3.

5. Unified build

Oracle GoldenGate is now available for all supported Oracle Databases in a single, unified build. This feature eliminates the need for separate GoldenGate installations for every anticipated Oracle database version, as was the case with prior releases.


Oracle GoldenGate 21c is undoubtedly a great update making this technology better than ever. The most recent version of Oracle Database Client is already included in this GoldenGate software, therefore there is no longer a need to install it from scratch. If you are willing to leverage Oracle GoldenGate 21c in your business, to its full potential, get in touch with our team of experts at Princeton IT services.