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Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs: 3 Ways

Reduce Oracle licenses costs without losing licenses your business requires to run efficiently. Cost control of licenses is an issue most organizations are facing today. Even with strong IT staff in place, the problem doesn’t evade anyone. The costs seem to go up every year and businesses do suffer from it.

Even though it is costly, Oracle offers great features that don’t come with any other technical support making the investment necessary. People do not think about replacing Oracle licenses with other options;however, they don’t want to pay an excessive amount.

As Oracle license resellers here a Princeton IT Services, we know how best to reduce oracle licenses costs without sacrificing your system’s performance. Understand these 3 options below to reduce Oracle licenses costs at your firm.

Upgrade Hardware: Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs

Before you start worrying about the software and can reduce Oracle license costs, you have to take a look at the condition of your hardware. We have seen businesses lose more money in the maintenance of their Oracle software due to old, low-quality hardware systems. Remember, you fix a rusty car by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Just like this, you cannot enjoy the benefits of new software with an old hardware system.

Thus, invest in new hardware for long term success. It will speed up processes and you will start getting better performance from the system, which will compensate the cost of the licenses and bring more returns.

Use Standard Edition: Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs

According to the engineers of Oracle products, Standard Edition (SE) is the best option for people who want to reduce Oracle licenses costs without losing the efficiency. The other database options, such as SE 1 and SE 2, are quite expensive. In addition, the features of the SE 1 and SE 2 databases are limited, they do not provide the same benefits as Standard Edition.

The SE system enhances availability by allowing the software to connect with unlimited CPU cores. Also, the server works even if one of the processors fails. The maintenance is very convenient too, ultimately saving more cash.

However, in order to stay with the SE, one will require a strategical approach implemented by experienced Oracle database consultants.

Partition Licenses: Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs

You can reduce Oracle licenses costs by partitioning licenses. With the Oracle partitioning license service provider, you can plan your strategy in such a manner that you donot have to pay for the whole package of machinery. You can divide the licenses according to your specific requirements and spend only the needed amount.

You’ve Reduced Oracle Licenses Costs!

It is clear that business owners, such as yourself looking for ways to reduce Oracle License Costs,have options! We’ve detailed three ways in which costs can be cut.

Hopefully, these tips help you in getting the maximum advantage out of your Oracle products at the lowest cost.