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Oracle Offers Remote Privileges for Cloud Through Its Cloud at Customer Program

There are so many companies that would find it more suitable to move to a public cloud. But, they are usually restricted due to concerns and restrictions from local regulators. However, now, cloud can now reach directly within the companies’ own data centers.

According to Oracle, a new method for cloud service has been adapted that will enable organizations to benefit from this capable technology without hindering with the local rules usually imposed by the regulatory divisions.

A source on Forbes explains this concept through an example stating that a firm located in India may have to keep its data limited to the country itself. The data may not have permission to reach out to a cloud service provider’s data center located in a far-off country in Europe or America. Similarly, firms that are strictly regulated under certain industries need to keep their data monitored even if the data has to be kept behind firewall programs. So, this limits companies to use cloud services to its full capabilities.

Reports noted that Oracle first introduced a new approach for their customers known as Cloud at Customer program in early 2016. This cloud service offers a similar software and hardware platform that Oracle has already implemented in its very own cloud data center. The company then links its data center, through a “cloud machine,” with the data center used by a customer.

Oracle Vice President of product management Nirav Mehta, who is liable for the cloud machines at the program’s core, said: “We are essentially stretching out our public cloud to reach the customer’s data center.”

For the ones who think that the program may be confusing or may require a new guide to use can rest assured as its subscription, functionality, and layout is similar to the ones that Oracle uses for its data centers. Regarding this advantage, Mehta further added: “They just pop open a browser and run the cloud service as if they were using Oracle Cloud.”

Furthermore, Oracle noted that it will also update, maintain and patch the cloud service remotely at the customer application. So, if the companies are not willing to accept a return online connection to Oracle, then Oracle will directly send its staff at the premises for updates.