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Oracle 12.2 Database: 9 Features


With the launch of the onsite version of the Oracle 12.2 Database, people are interested in hearing about the new features. We detail 9 key features in conjunction with Oracle consulting services.


  1. Rebuilt OAA
  2. Detailed Analysis of Semantics
  3. SQL with R models
  4. Models with Partition
  5. Scoring for the Partition
  6. Association Rules of the Extension
  7. Extension of the Package of the DBMS_DATA_MINING
  8. Hint for SQL ODM Models
  9. Using the New function of CREATE_MODEL

Rebuilt OAA

The rebuilt Oracle Advanced Analytics (OAA) is the most important feature of Oracle 12.2 database, yet it is not obvious to the naked eye. However, the experts understand that the OAA that has been underlying has been rebuilt improving its efficiency.


Detailed Analysis of Semantics

In this new Oracle 12.2 feature, semantic analysis, clients can spot the brand-new additions regarding the algorithms. As the experts are now pointing out, this addition makes the whole operation much easier than what it used to be previously. User experience improvements make for happier clients.

SQL with R models

Further extension of the of the R models is now available as the database and framework have been extended.

Models with Partitions

The mining models have now been made in an attempt of improving models with partitions. This is the place for making the specification and separation of the models, and the entire process will be done based on the attribute value.

Scoring for the Partition

The partition attributes based on the data dynamic score happens to be the similar and that dynamic score is possible to make now.

Association Rules of the Extension

Calculation of the rule values happens to be important and that is the reason that the extension of the algorithms is also possible. This is a big insight to the process.

Extension of the Package – DBMS_DATA_MINING

Extension of the PL/SQL package has been done now and new features and functions are included in the process. This is a very big change that one had banged for. The R algorithms and the models are now getting further extensions.

New SQL Hint for ODM Models

For the ODM models, you will be getting the new SQL hint. In the last few versions, the users were getting the hints for the new SQL for the ODM models and now the hints are also visible in the partition models also. Called as the GROUPING hint, these kinds of hints are the best options for you.

Using the New function – CREATE_MODEL

The resistance of the database is now possible with the CREAETE_MODEL2 option, and for that, the set will be based on the SELECT statement.

Oracle 12.2 Database

Alongside to these changes, you will also have the options for the SQL, DB and PL/SQL database features that are equally important.

With all these features, can you agree that the Oracle 12.2 Database is an attractive solution for your business’ needs?