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How to Manage Your Oracle ULA

The Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) has been an issue for many organizations. The management of this agreement is so critical, that it leaves you with too much of a cash investment at the end.

People ask us, “why does this happen? This agreement usually has a fixed price, right?” Yes, the agreement does have a fixed price, but it is the management of the licenses, which sets the overall expenditure. If you are not handling it properly, you will end up paying more at the end.

However, as a trusted license oracle database service provider, they help you understand the Oracle ULA management process.

We have compiled a list of processes, which you need to apply in order to manage your Oracle Unlimited License Agreement effectively.

Understand the time limit

The management of the licenses should be an ongoing and continuous process in any organization. Organizations who do not understand the time limit end up with nothing but more fees to pay.


The usual time limit of these licenses is around 3 years. It is better to manage your downloads from the beginning. This allows you to keep an efficient record of the purchases made and improve your software management process.

Manage and monitor the downloaded software

Once you have understood the time limit of managing downloads, it is time to know what should be managed.

Number of Cores of downloaded products

The first thing to monitor is the number of cores per download.

It is better to get a technical support from the professionals in order to effectively monitor this. However, a basic formula is to make sure that the number of the cores is increasing for the software that has been purchased under ULA.

The cost per core per download

 The cost per core per download is the value of that download you get from the agreement. Hence, the value should decrease every month. If it is not decreasing, then you are not deploying the downloads effectively.

Compliance risk

It is very important to measure your compliance risk’s financial condition. This is an effective way of understanding the amount of money you will have to pay at the end of the agreement.

Don’t forget the downloads which are not covered by ULA

In order to keep the cost of the licenses under control, you need to keep an eye on every download. This includes the ones that are not covered by the ULA agreement. If not managed, the installed software can cost you too much at the end.

One thing to notice is that you need to constantly conduct the inspection, as this problem can’t be resolved with one single shot. It is better that you get the assistance of external partners in the process.

Expert’s assistance

With the experts of Princeton IT Services, you will be able to control and monitor your Oracle ULA and other downloads effectively.

Hence, get in touch with experts to manage your licenses.