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Introduction to the Oracle GoldenGate 21c

As we all know, Oracle GoldenGate is a software that enables easy data replication, filtering, and migration from one database to another for us. After the huge success of Oracle GoldenGate 19c, it has finally launched its latest innovation which comes amongst the world’s most popular databases – “Oracle GoldenGate 21c”.

What is Oracle GoldenGate 21c?

Oracle GoldenGate 21c is nothing, but an upgraded version of oracle GoldenGate which was launched in 2021. We can surely say that It is a building block for trusted data mesh capabilities, which is designed around data product thinking, decentralized architectures, event-driven pipelines, and polyglot data payloads.

It offers an early look at the numerous improvements and new features, such as autonomous administration, improved multi model support through in-database JavaScript and native blockchain tables, multi work improvements like autoML, and sharing enhancements that will be incorporated into future long term releases.

Why choose Oracle GoldenGate 21c?

Customers can save IT costs and risk by utilizing Oracle GoldenGate 21c, and they can also accelerate the time to value for operational and analytical solutions. Oracle GoldenGate 21c uses a microservices/REST-based architecture to assist businesses to meet the expectations of enterprise systems for continuous availability and real-time integration, both on-premises and in the cloud for Oracle, DB2/Z, SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

What are the major use cases of Oracle GoldenGate 21c?


Oracle GoldenGate 21c enables businesses to continuously access mission-critical data in real time, maximizing the value of IT investments and enhancing business processes. GoldenGate offers a modular framework that quickly expands to handle the mission-critical, high-volume, low-impact data integration and replication difficulties encountered by businesses today. It supports a wide range of continuous availability, disaster tolerance, and data integration needs. If you want to know more about the game changing software “Oracle GoldenGate 21c”, feel free to contact our team of experts at Princeton IT services.