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The all new Apple iOS 10 – cleaner, simpler and bigger !

Apple continues to represent these goals with their new operating system – iOS 10.

iOS 10 beta is out now for the developers. It was launched in WWDC 2016. On its final stable release, iOS 10 will be compatible with iPhone (iPhone 5 and above), iPad (4th gen and above) and iPod touch 6th gen.

Now lets find out whats new with iOS 10. Well, you need not change if you are already the best :-).  iOS 10 takes an experience that people love and know very well, and actually adds to it, to make it more useful and enjoyable.

There are some design changes. These are mainly found in the lock screen, Native applications, notifications and the control centre. They push forward Jonathan Ive’s original view of iOS – layered design. In iOS 10 everything has its own levels of importance. It has a pretty clean and simple UI. Here are some of the changes which deserves a mention:

  1. Now Siri is much more intelligent than ever before. It can now indulge in conversations and discussions with you. Siri can also interact with 3rd party apps.
  2. When you pick up your phone now, it automatically wakes up and displays the notifications. No need to press the home button. Wow !
  3. The all new Home App – Now you can connect all your home-based smart gadgets with iOS 10. You can now change the room thermostat temperature, or switch off a light or fan right from your iPhone. Thats cool 🙂
  4. New look for folders – Now the home screen folders are translucent, and the open and close animations have changed. Also 3D touch to reveal other available options.
  5. New font type – There is a strong font type for iOS 10. The font is a bit bolder.
  6. Water Detection – Now your new iPhone can detect liquid. Now it displays a warning message if any liquid comes in contact with it. This feature is present in iOS 10. We can have a detailed experience of this on the next iPhone release.
  7. Now you can remove the original pre-installed stock applications, such as iTunes Store, the Mail app, etc.
  8. If you are running Mac OS Sierra then you can now find a desktop folder within the iCloud drive if your iPhone. This folder will contain all synced desktop content from your mac.
  9. With Mac OS Sierra now you have universal copy and paste. Now copy anything on your Mac, and paste directly onto your iPhone with iOS 10. Its that simple.
  10. If you own an Apple Watch you can goto the Watch App and build your own Watch face. No need to do that on the tiny screen of your apple watch. Now you can also browse the face gallery.
  11. Now you get your own dedicated music controls in any screen. You just need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center, then swipe left to reveal the music controller.
  12. When you are on your home screen, just swipe on the left side of the screen to reveal the widgets panel. Thats cool.
  13. Now you can have unlimited safari tabs, without screen freezing. Great !
  14. Split view comes to safari. In iPad now we have safari split view with two different address bars.
  15. Now you can watch videos and websites right within the iMessage App.
  16. Now you can send digital gestures and digital touches and writings in the Message App. Thats awesome.
  17. There is no camera shortcut icon in the Lock screen. Now you can open up the camera by simply swiping to the left from the Lock Screen.
  18. Now you no longer “Slide to unlock” an iPhone. Apple! Seriously? Slide to unlock has been a feature on the iPhone ever since the very first iPhone. But with iOS 10 its gone. Instead, now you have to click the Home button to unlock your phone.
  19. Now you can 3D touch on Notifications to bring in its details.
  20. Now messages automatically recommend imojis. You can also add Bubble effects into your messages. Bubble effects are little animations that change the emotions of your message.

Along with all these above changes, there are also some small noticeable changes in the Apple Music app, Apple News app, Apple Maps, Notes app, Facetime, iCloud, Photos App and in the keyboard sounds.