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Top Advantages of Using Oracle Goldengate in 2022

In the present scenario, the IT environment is becoming increasingly complicated, both with the cloud and on-premises. As a result, organisations confront numerous issues related to data availability, integrity, and heterogeneity. They want a reliable method to extract and replicate data from a variety of big data sources. In order to address these challenges, Oracle GoldenGate was brought to the market.

Oracle GoldenGate is software that facilitates real-time data integration and replication across a wide range of heterogeneous IT systems. You get a scalable, non-intrusive platform for easy transfer and mobility of your vital data across all the systems that use it to make your organisation more effective.

Top advantages of using Oracle GoldenGate in 2022

Let’s have a look at a few of the most noteworthy advantages of using Oracle GoldenGate in the year 2022.

  • Ensuring Availability – GoldenGate provides continuous availability across a variety of hardware platforms and operating systems, as well as support for many non-Oracle databases and various versions of the Oracle database. Hence, Oracle GoldenGate ensures‌ the continued availability of application functionality.
  • Better Integration – Oracle GoldenGate works with an oracle data integrator that helps to keep the data synchronised after performing an initial heavy load.
  • Better Performance with Minimum Latency- Oracle GoldenGate delivers high-speed movement of data to its users for better performance. Also, the Oracle optimisation for GoldenGate eliminates bottlenecks, reduces latency, or isolates the processing of specific data.
  • Application Adapters- In order to increase its capabilities, GoldenGate also provides adapters. The capture data, for instance, can be sent to a non-RDBMS target, such as Java Messaging Service, using the GoldenGate Java application adapter.
  • Support for Relational Databases – It integrates the data among Oracle and non-Oracle Databases such as Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2,MS SQL, Base24, and so forth, and also among cloud object stores across cloud providers.
  • Big Data Integration- Oracle GoldenGate is a platform that integrates with large data reservoirs based on technologies such as Apache Hive, Apache HDFS, and Apache Hadoop.

Bottom Line

Oracle GoldenGate ensures optimal availability and performance by continuously transporting and synchronising data between two or more active databases in a multi-master architecture. GoldenGate has become an integral part of many organisations’ workflow for data integration and replication. Don’t miss out on these groundbreaking benefits by introducing GoldenGate to your organisation. If you are new or facing any trouble regarding Oracle GoldenGate, feel free to contact Princeton IT Services.