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Major Utilities of Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is a popular software solution, which is renowned for jobs like filtering, replicating, and transforming from source database to destination. GoldenGate zero downtime migration is one of the major utilities of this software. The zero downtime migration using GoldenGate is possible even for different database types, i.e., heterogeneous databases. This characteristic of Oracle GoldenGate makes it one of the best software to let businesses migrate databases while keeping the promise of the highest service level agreement for the uptime of web solutions and applications.

One of the major utilities of GoldenGate zero downtime migration is that it allows replication and migration from single or multiple databases, which can be located at the same or distant locations, to a single database without any downtime. Moreover, the cost of migration would be quite pocket-friendly for businesses.

This software is target and topology independent. It is flexible enough to support all different types of databases to perform Oracle database migration using GoldenGate with literally zero downtime.

You can perform zero downtime migration using GoldenGate for the following databases:

  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase
  • And more

It can also process files with different data structure, which includes:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • Flat files
  • Other unstructured sources

It also supports different Java APIs, JMS, plus, big data reservoirs like Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, and more.

Oracle to Postgres migration using GoldenGate or GoldenGate zero downtime migration with any other database ensures a seamless migration process, which puts it into the A list for database system management companies in New York and worldwide.

Along with high level uptime SLA, businesses also need to keep their products available to help their users make decisions in real time. This is also a necessity and Oracle GoldenGate for big data can aid here. As the whole migration or any type of database or system operations ensures a high level of uptime, the users will never face downtime. This will help in enhancing customer experience. Using Oracle GoldenGate OLAP systems, database management administrators can ensure high level uptime. Similar to the Oracle to Postgres migration using GoldenGate, it will not affect the performance of the system or database during the process.

Oracle GoldenGate also has some more utilities and applications to benefit businesses, which are as below:

  • Data updates:

You can create a slave or temporary primary database to support high level uptime SLA while updating the master database.

  • Load balancing

This platform is perfect for creating cluster architecture of databases with multi-master configuration. It efficiently manages the load to deliver exceptional performance.

  • Database overhead management

Oracle GoldenGate for big data runs transactions on OLTP systems, which makes data extraction, filter processing, and report generation more efficient without increasing overhead on the master database.In a nutshell, there are several advantages of using Oracle GoldenGate and its different utilities. Princeton IT Services has years of experience using Oracle GoldenGate for big data and offering GoldenGatezero downtime migration for homogeneous or heterogeneous databases. To initiate the discussion, click here.