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How to Achieve Zero Downtime using Oracle Goldengate Migration

Due to the downtime associated with moving to new software releases and hardware platforms, many IT companies today have been stuck with outdated database hardware platforms and software versions for far too long. Even scheduled database downtime for popular online stores can cost money and unsatisfied consumers. By offering a method to set up a new, updated database platform in advance and have it ready and waiting for the application to be cut over, Oracle GoldenGate can help with these difficulties really well.

The application cutover and reconnections to the new target database need only downtime. No matter which DBMS or platform is being used, Oracle GoldenGate enables you to create uniform zero-downtime database migration procedures and deploy them throughout your business. Many enterprises globally can enhance the accessibility, performance, and availability of transactional data that powers vital business operations with the help of Oracle GoldenGate.

The key benefits of Oracle Goldengate Migration with Zero downtime:

  • Oracle Goldengate Migration with Zero downtime uses two databases for rolling upgrades or migrations.
  • In Oracle Goldengate Migration, offloading to a clone database does not initiate the main database initialization.
  • Offloaded conversions are made to a staging clone database in Oracle Goldengate Migration.
  • Database redundancy is presently utilizing a bidirectional Oracle GoldenGate configuration.


In a nutshell, using bidirectional replication, Oracle GoldenGate enables the source and destination systems to remain entirely in sync throughout the migration process.

In reality, moving applications from source to target while both systems are still in operation is achievable for zero downtime migration. This makes it possible to relocate each programme independently from the source to the destination without experiencing any downtime.

With the help of Oracle GoldenGate, a dynamic upgrade or migration can be accomplished with zero database downtime and very little application switchover delay.

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