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Applications of Oracle GoldenGate; A High-Level View

Understanding Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is a comprehensive software solution for replicating and integrating data into a complex IT environment in real-time. GoldenGate has gained popularity as the DBAs’ choice for handling the replication needs of their data centres in the past few years. GoldenGate not only has a fairly simple configuration process but also offers a great deal of versatility in the setting options.

The programme improves security, supports cloud environments, interfaces with Oracle databases, and then increases heterogeneity while bringing performance with management and configuration. In this blog, we will discuss what are the different applications of the Oracle GoldenGate.

Applications of Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate is a breakthrough technology, and it has many uses and applications in the technology world. Some of those major applications are outlined below:

OLAP systems and Oracle GoldenGate (Data Warehouses)

Without significantly influencing database and application performance, IT teams and ETL developers can feed real-time data from OLTP systems into OLAP systems.

Data migration and Oracle GoldenGate

One of the most prominent use of Oracle GoldenGate is data migration from Oracle to non-Oracle databases and vice versa.

GoldenGate for Oracle and data updates

Oracle GoldenGate reduces the necessity of planning planned outages during which production databases can be updated. When the production database is updated, it is possible to make a temporary or secondary database that can be used. The end users of database systems continue to have access to them as a result, and the updating procedure is seamless.

Oracle GoldenGate and Query Offloading Databases, Reporting and Testing Databases

Running reports from production servers can result in processing overhead, which can impact the speed of OLTP transactions. Oracle GoldenGate allows you to offload tables, schemas, or materialised views to temporary targets that can be utilised to run reports.

Oracle GoldenGate and Load Balancing

Oracle GoldenGate ensures optimal performance and availability by constantly transporting and synchronising data between two or more active databases in a multi-master architecture.


Oracle GoldenGate facilitates data replication, high availability solutions, transformations, transactional changes in data capture, and verification between analytical enterprise systems and operational systems with a variety of applications and uses.

Using Oracle GoldenGate, a dynamic upgrade or migration can be completed with zero database downtime and very little application switchover delay.

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