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How to Create an Awesome Database Design?

Creating an awesome database design asks for the discipline of following certain rules. Here are some of them for you to get an overall idea of the data modeling and the development process.

  1. Plan before you start development

If you see the work procedure of an architect, he creates the blueprint before starting the work on the building. Just the same goes to data development. Planning before you start the design for your database can change the outcome completely.

Not planning the structure of the database can lead your project drastic destinations. You might start the coding process early, but with the lack of a plan, your developers won’t be able to fix the occurring problems.

  1. Make documents for your selected model

You would not want to explain every aspect of your planned model to a new administrator. Also, it becomes difficult for a new administrator to maintain or change the database according to the requirement if the documents are not there. Hence, use documentation to communicate your design.

  1. Use consistent naming

The naming should be done by keeping the future changes in mind. The future administrator of the database should be able to understand the model without any problems. Hence, naming is important for a good design of the database.

  1. Using the right key

The keys are used for normalization of the table. The idea is to decide a primary key to identify each row and adding the right column to the primary key. Also, the generating the uniqueness is necessary for the whole process.

When it comes to artificial and natural keys, the use depends on the demand of the situation. While artificial keys provide uniqueness, natural keys are used to ensure the integrity of the data.

  1. Ensure the integrity of the data

It is very important to stay cautious with the use of the integrity checks. Don’t overuse or under-use the keys. One other thing is that you should rely totally on the applications for the integrity check, as the central database can be accessed by many applications, which reduce the security of the data.

  1. Adding indexes are beneficial

Indexes are used in the database modeling to tackle the queries that occur time to time. It is an ongoing process and works around the optimization of queries during the modeling process.

  1. Don’t make abstract definitions in tables

The text that you use in the tables should be able to give a clear meaning. Nothing abstract works here. Also, it is wise to use separate tables for different domains. This will help you to generate better relationships between the tables, and you will get proper column types.

  1. Test, test, test

Testing the database should be an integral part of your database plan and should be used to ignite the production environment. Most of the times when the clock starts clicking fast, people avoid or reduce the time of the testing process. To dodge these situations, it is better to test the database at early stages of database design in oracle.

These are the main points to focus on during the process of product design.