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Why You Should Consider Data Migration From On-Premise To The Cloud

In today’s competitive world, migration from on-premise to the cloud gives a major edge to a company of any size to store information efficiently at a remote data centre and not on-premise. Here we are with another article to tell you why it’s prime time to move from on-premise towards cloud computing.

The benefits of switching from on-premise to cloud migration architecture:


As the data grows along with business, it gets tricky on handling it on-premise. Cloud, on the other hand, is highly scalable as per your business needs. If you are considering future growth, moving to the cloud is a much better option as it doesn’t cap your growth as per the availability of resources on-premise.

Reduced IT Cost

On-premise data storage doesn’t provide you with scalable computing power like the cloud-hosted desktop. Cloud minimises your IT requirement by reducing the need for physical data storage and hence, saving huge costs in the long term.

Better Security

Contrary to the general myth, the Cloud IT service providers rather offer a greater level of security and data integrity than on-premise systems. Cloud services are aligned with the latest technological advancements and resources, along with an expert team of technology professionals working on it. As a result, security has become one of the major features of the cloud.

Better Accessibility and Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Cloud allows the users to be connected anytime and anywhere for better accessibility. With more security for users and backing up data offsite, it offers fewer security issues, and virus attacks and is less prone to get hacked.

Easier and Faster Deployment

Deployment to cloud-based services takes less than an hour or a couple of days rather than the long time that is required to properly plan, and execute the internal IT infrastructure on-premise.

Product updates and patching

With cloud as a service, vendors release frequent updates, security patches and bug fixes, making it very efficient. With on-premises data management, the company has to take care of the updates and patching that involves extra cost and hassle for the user.

Better Collaboration

Since the cloud is located at various locations, it allows multiple employees across the globe to collaborate easily. Employees can simultaneously sync, work and share documents in real-time. This also increases the efficiency of the employees.

The above few reasons clearly suggest that migration from the on-premise to the cloud is the right decision at present. Cloud reduces complexity and increases scalability and productivity.

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