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What is Amazon Database Migration Accelerator?

You must be aware of the struggle while migrating applications and databases. It is very time-consuming and technically challenging. The data scientists who work on these migrations must be well-versed in both the source and target databases, as well as numerous programming languages. It is obvious that traditional migration programs thus usually overspend their allotted budget or are delayed.

Keeping the above factor in mind, in 2020 Amazon AWS launched Amazon Database Migration Accelerator. It is a single platform which integrates AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT), and AWS database migration professionals to transition away from existing commercial databases for defined costs.

Migrations from Oracle or SQL Server to Amazon Aurora or Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) for PostgreSQL or MySQL are offered by Amazon DMA. Customers may pay Amazon DMA after the migration is complete, avoiding the chance of cost overruns.

3 Key features of Amazon Database Migration Accelerator:

Expertise of AWS database professionals

Amazon DMS offers PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other AWS databases professionals with over 100,000 hours of combined expertise to ensure that your migrations are successful.

Reduces your risk

Another benefit is the budget and cost overruns are less likely with the fixed pricing approach and the option to pay after the migration is finished.

Speedy migration

AWS Database Migration Service (DMS), among other automated tools, enables speedy analysis, precise schema replication, and quick data transfer.


Amazon DMA is a service that allows users to easily transfer databases to AWS at set costs and pay only after delivery. Amazon DMA makes use of technical insights gained from Amazon’s experience transitioning internal systems to AWS database services. If you want to know more about Amazon DMA, feel free to contact our team of experts at Princeton IT services.