Which Mobile Platform Should I Support?

Differences between 4 Major Mobile Platforms

There are several mobile platforms to choose from, and you may be confused about which is the best for you. Therefore, we create this […]

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Microsoft Office – Theme Change Event via VSTO Add-In

Microsoft Office doesn’t have a theme change event in their VSTO API, so in order to detect the theme change, we need to monitor the registry key “UI […]

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Hosting a WCF service

To be able to consume a WCF service, it needs to be hosted.

There are multiple options to host a WCF service, and all of them comes with various advantages […]

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HTML5 web app VS native mobile app VS hybrid mobile app

In this blog we will look into the differences between native, mobile and hybrid mobile applications.

We will start by looking into native mobile apps, which are the […]

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Why Material Design?

I am a designer who started with user interface designs back in 2006. Since then, things have changed a lot. The concept of UI and icons went […]

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ICONS for Windows10

Building an app for Windows10 and you need icons. Do not worry, just like Font Awesome Widows has a robust number of sources for XAML icons which not only […]

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Front-end Configuration of an existing AngularJS App in Liferay portlet

The primary tasks are – creation of view.jsp and configuration ofliferayportletaccordingly.
• An example Angular application written in index.html

Name :

Hello {{name}}


• To convert this – create view.jsp as below

<%@ [...]

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Some tips while installing TortoiseCVS on Windows 8/8.1

TortoiseCVS is a great CVS tool if you are working in a Windows environment.

Unlike most CVS tools, it includes itself in Windows’ shell by adding entries in the […]

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