You and XXX were working on this at the same time. XXX finished before you did, so your work was not saved.

If you have ever tried Postman for interacting with WebAPI’s, following is a typical issue you would’ve faced.

When you try to update a record in Quickbooks sandbox using an […]

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In the search for a Search Bar

The Wiki say’s, a search box or search field is a graphical control element used in computer programs, such as file managers or web browsers, and on web sites. […]

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Microsoft Office – Theme Change Event via VSTO Add-In

Microsoft Office doesn’t have a theme change event in their VSTO API, so in order to detect the theme change, we need to monitor the registry key “UI […]

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AngularJS – ng-repeat and Radio Buttons

I recently had this problem where I had to select an item from a table. Nothing much, but I avoided buttons for this task and instead used a radio […]

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How to set forHTTPHeaderField in iOS?

Using web services is a very common part of development for any iOS developer who is building a dynamic iOS application. Sometimes you may be doing everything correct, but […]

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Hosting a WCF service

To be able to consume a WCF service, it needs to be hosted.

There are multiple options to host a WCF service, and all of them comes with various advantages […]

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Q:When is WWDC?

Siri: WWDC will take place from June 13 through June 17, 2016 in San Francisco.

Yes, The next WWDC is here. Apple Worldwide Developers Conference […]

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AngularJS timeout and interval services

It is not always required of our functions to provide immediate results, sometimes we need to delay the changes made by a function, for eg, processing of an AJAX […]

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Basics of Vi editor in Unix

The Vi editor is a fast and powerful text editor of Unix system. Vi does not contain any menu, instead it uses combinations of keystrokes to accomplish an action. […]

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The Reachability class can be used to check the network connectivity of an iOS device. It uses the System Configuration framework to monitor the network state of […]

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AFNetworking 3.0

With the launch of iOS 7 Apple introduced a new method for networking named NSURLSession. However there exist a better alternative to consider – The popular third-party library […]

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OpenShift: Platform As A service

When you are part of a rapidly developing business, delivering applications, services and solutions, then avoiding delays is paramount. So, what to do in such situations when you know […]

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Access API method without user authentication in Liferay 6.2

While building a full-fledged web project is greatly leveraged by Liferay, it might so happen that we require to access some API method before […]

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Eddystone VS iBeacon

With the launch of Eddystone in July 2015, google has finally addressed the long awaited challenge of creating a robust android development tool using beacons.

This move by google is […]

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Dynamic file input – teaching html some new tricks

Okay, now this post might come across as a bit of a rant but could be of real use to people who are looking to implement […]

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How to send multiple HTTP request to webserver using Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is a load testing tool. It can be used for analyzing and measuring performance of a web server. Although Apache JMeter provides lots of functionality for testers […]

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Material Shadows with Inkscape!

Are you into Material Design these days? Are you fighting to inherit all the technical spec defined by Google and trying to create a mock up of […]

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Why Material Design?

I am a designer who started with user interface designs back in 2006. Since then, things have changed a lot. The concept of UI and icons went […]

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What is New in AngularJS 2.0?

According the ngEurope conference ( the estimated release date of AngularJS 2.0 is the end of 2015.
With target of ES6 (ECMAScript 6), AngularJSis going to make a big jump […]

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Let’s work with Git

Git is a widely used version control system for software development.

It is a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear […]

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Communicating between controllers in AngularJS

AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps.

is what we see on the AngularJS homepage, and with the features […]

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Batch execute mysql scripts from Windows NT shell

Ever had to execute hundreds of sql scripts for the initial setup of some schema? This nifty one-liner will sort things out for you if you’re working […]

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Android – Optimally Using Zxing Barcode Scanner and Camera Orientation

Need a barcode scanner for your app? Yes, “Zxing” is the best solution. Zxing ( is the most popular library of its kind which can scan and decode result […]

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Front-end Configuration of an existing AngularJS App in Liferay portlet

The primary tasks are – creation of view.jsp and configuration ofliferayportletaccordingly.
• An example Angular application written in index.html

Name :

Hello {{name}}


• To convert this – create view.jsp as below

<%@ [...]

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Configuring Apache Tomcat v8.0 to work with Eclipse

Its been a while since Apache Tomcat 8 was released which has features that include:

  • Servlet 3.1
    • Non-blocking IO Support
    • Http Upgrade […]

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Some tips while installing TortoiseCVS on Windows 8/8.1

TortoiseCVS is a great CVS tool if you are working in a Windows environment.

Unlike most CVS tools, it includes itself in Windows’ shell by adding entries in the […]

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Hello World!

Hi guys, if like me you’re a newbie to Angular JS and you’re trawling through the internet to find comprehensive materials to understand Angular […]

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