Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs


Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs: 3 Ways

Reduce Oracle licenses costs without losing licenses your business requires to run efficiently. Cost control of licenses is an issue most organizations are facing today. Even with strong IT staff in place, the problem doesn’t evade anyone. The costs seem to go up every year and businesses do suffer...

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Oracle Master Agreement


Understand Oracle Master Agreement

[fusion_text] Oracle Different businesses dealing with Oracle Master Agreement or OMA know the importance of understanding each and every aspect of it. If you are a newbie in the Oracle world, make sure that you get ample knowledge about the agreement of the Oracle before clicking on that ‘I...

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Oracle Standard


oracle standard edition one vs oracle standard edition 2

Starting Sept 2015, Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Standard Edition One are no longer available from Oracle.  Oracle Standard Edition 2 is the new product offering under standard edition starting with Oracle 12 Release 1 ( Below link from Oracle provides the difference between Oracle Standard Edition One (SE1)...

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