Database licensing

is a complex business but absolutely essential for your company to get right from the start. While not every license may be required for your technology solution, you want to make sure you have the right licenses in place at all times…because licensing violations can be VERY costly.

Balancing the Cost and Utility of the Oracle Development License

Is it now the time for you to decrease the cost of Oracle license? You should keep in mind that if you lose the license, this might […]

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Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs: 3 Ways

Reduce Oracle licenses costs without losing licenses your business requires to run efficiently. Cost control of licenses is an issue most organizations are facing today. Even with […]

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Avoid the Extra Cost as Result of Low Quality Data

Organizations try to have a strong database because it provides necessary analytics and enhances the work efficiency of the company. If the quality of data is not […]

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Understand Oracle Master Agreement


Different businesses dealing with Oracle Master Agreement or OMA know the importance of understanding each and every aspect of it. If you are a newbie in the […]

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All You Need to Know About Oracle Licensing

When you decide to use Oracle Licensing, you give it the chance to enter your zone. This is why the licensing process is really important. The agreement […]

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Benefits of Having an External Support On Oracle Licensing

Licensing of Oracle software is something that some organizations struggle with due to the lack of experience assisting. On the other hand, there are companies that work […]

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oracle standard edition one vs oracle standard edition 2

Starting Sept 2015, Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Standard Edition One are no longer available from Oracle.  Oracle Standard Edition 2 is the new product offering under standard edition […]

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