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No package mysql-server available

Starting CentOS7 MySQL is replaced with MariaDB. You might encounter the following error “mysql -u root -p4Samsung4” when you try installing mysql using yum.

[root@myhost~]# yum install mysql-server
Loaded [...]

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How to Create an Awesome Database Design?

Creating an awesome database design asks for the discipline of following certain rules. Here are some of them for you to get an overall idea of the […]

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oracle impdp as sysdba and attach job

impdp allows Oracle DBA to exit out of the current process while the job continues to run in the background.  In the event you have to connect to the […]

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oracle – generate kill database sessions script

Here is the script that comes handy to Oracle DBAs for generating script to kill sessions based on user sessions.

For example, this SQL script generates the script to kill […]

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Enabling and Disabling – auto optimizer stats collection

Here is how you can query if the Auto Optimizer Stats Collection job is running in Oracle Database 11g:

Login to database as SYSDBA:

WHERE CLIENT_NAME = ‘auto optimizer […]

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expdp fails with ORA-27037 on Oracle RAC

When parallel option is used in expdp, it expects the DIRECTORY path to be available on nodes of the cluster. If you have created the directory on only […]

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Identifying Blocking Sessions in Oracle Database

Below SQL gives the blocker and blockee sessions in database.

Oracle RAC Environment:

(select username from gv$session where sid=a.sid) blocker,
'is blocking',
(select username from gv$session where sid=b.sid) blockee,
from gv$lock a, gv$lock b
where [...]

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oracle archive log history

Here is the oracle sql script that comes handy to find out number of archive logs that are generated by database by day by hour.

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expdp as sysdba

Here is the simple command to run oracle logical backup/datapump export using sysdba:

expdp "/as sysdba" parfile=exp_user.par


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