Which Mobile Platform Should I Support?

Differences between 4 Major Mobile Platforms

There are several mobile platforms to choose from, and you may be confused about which is the best for you. Therefore, we create this […]

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7 Reasons You Need a Mobile App

The reasons you need a mobile app for your business.

Almost every business can benefit from better, more focused, and engaging communication with customers, clients, and employees. Leveraging the power […]

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In the search for a Search Bar

The Wiki say’s, a search box or search field is a graphical control element used in computer programs, such as file managers or web browsers, and on web sites. […]

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HTML5 web app VS native mobile app VS hybrid mobile app

In this blog we will look into the differences between native, mobile and hybrid mobile applications.

We will start by looking into native mobile apps, which are the […]

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How to append version name in Android apk file name using Gradle?

You might want to append your app version name in the name of your app’s apk. Specially, when you release your app […]

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How to enable strict mode debugging – Android Studio

StrictMode is a developer tool which can be used to detects errors that are very hard to identify. Generally it detects things you might be doing by accident.

StrictMode is […]

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Eddystone VS iBeacon

With the launch of Eddystone in July 2015, google has finally addressed the long awaited challenge of creating a robust android development tool using beacons.

This move by google is […]

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Useful keyboard shortcuts of Android Studio (Windows)

Hi there! Here is a list of some useful keyboard shortcuts of Android Studio which will save your time while coding-

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How to skip android source code while debugging in Android Studio

Hi there, are you facing any trouble while debugging your app in Android Studio? For example, each time you debug an application it drops you in the source code […]

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How to add a Retry button in Snackbar

Snackbar is one of the most interesting component added in material design. We can use this as a toast message or as a toast message with an […]

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Material Shadows with Inkscape!

Are you into Material Design these days? Are you fighting to inherit all the technical spec defined by Google and trying to create a mock up of […]

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Creating an intro screen for your app using ViewPager

This post is about creating an intro scene for your app using ViewPager and Fragments.

Here is the video in action-

Note: I am using Android Studio 1.4 to prepare […]

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Why Material Design?

I am a designer who started with user interface designs back in 2006. Since then, things have changed a lot. The concept of UI and icons went […]

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How to use Apache HTTP client in Android API 23

Hi there! Are you trying to set target sdk as 23 in your app which is using Apache HttpClient for all the network related operations? If yes, here is […]

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Turn off ToolBar elevation – Android Material Design

Hi everybody, this time I am going to show you a common problem I have faced while working with ToolBar in […]

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Android – Optimally Using Zxing Barcode Scanner and Camera Orientation

Need a barcode scanner for your app? Yes, “Zxing” is the best solution. Zxing (https://github.com/zxing/zxing) is the most popular library of its kind which can scan and decode result […]

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Enable ON DELETE CASCADE in SqLite, Android

If you are using SqLite for the first time in Android and want to create a relational database in it you will be shocked knowing that ON […]

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