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What is Power BI and Why Should You Use it?

Power BI is the latest milestone in business intelligence for organizations that need more robust reporting and analytical capabilities than what Excel can provide. Businesses can collect, examine, and analyze data from many departments using Power BI, which gives them a better understanding of how their operations and performance is doing and enables them to make more data-driven choices. In this blog we’ll try to understand the concept of Power BI and why we should use it!

What is power BI?

Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization application for transforming data from diverse data sources into accessible dashboards and analytical reports. With Power BI, end users may easily generate their customized reports and dashboards using a cloud-based service for interactive visualizations.

Power BI gathers data, analyzes it, and transforms it into understandable insights, frequently utilizing aesthetically appealing and simple-to-understand charts and graphs. Users may create and share concise and helpful glimpses of what’s occurring in their businesses with the help of power BI.

Why you should use Power BI

The following are the top 5 reasons why we should use Power BI ?

  • User-Friendly
    Power BI’s user interface is highly straightforward and intuitive. For the usage of power BI, no programming knowledge is necessary. By recommending the optimal reporting element, its built-in intelligence aids in the selection of attributes for your reports.

  • Simple to Understand
    The report design process in power BI is identical to that in excel because it was built on the same foundation. Power BI is simple to learn because Microsoft Excel is an internationally recognised and extensively utilized programme.

  • Facilitates Teamwork
    Easy collaboration possibilities are provided by Power BI. In “app” workspaces, the user may work together with coworkers to develop interactive reports and dashboards.

  • Budget-friendly
    Power BI desktop
    is available for free, and users may create simple or complicated reports and dashboards.

  • Comprehensive Data Coverage
    Microsoft Excel, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, Sybase, SAP Hana, and many other data sources are among the data sources that Power BI has a variety of connectors for.

In layman terms, Power BI is a self service business intelligence. What that means is that you are able to produce some fantastic looking visual reports and you don’t have to just wade through the dull dry numbers. If you are a person who must make those reports for management or are the actual person making decisions from these reports you are going to be able to interactively play with those reports collecting on different parts of it and be able to gain greater insight into your results through Power BI. If you still want to learn more about it contact us at Princeton IT services.