Linux Commands


10 Linux Commands That Admins Can Find Useful

10 Linux Commands That Admins Can Find Useful Uptime Command Uptime command, in Linux, displays the running time for your system and the number of users are currently logged in and also displays load average for 1,5 and 15 minutes intervals. # uptime 08:16:26 up 22 min, 1 user,...

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Cloud Services Simplified With Oracle Database


Cloud Services Simplified With Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Machine

Oracle database when integrated with cloud-based systems let companies experience a swifter transition away from the traditional inbound approach. It is quite obvious to state that a number of enterprises are aware of the benefits cloud-based applications can provide them. However, there are several companies that have witnessed implications...

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Technology Tips


You and XXX were working on this at the same time. XXX finished before you did, so your work was not saved.

If you have ever tried Postman for interacting with WebAPI’s, following is a typical issue you would’ve faced. When you try to update a record in Quickbooks sandbox using an Update statement you might’ve come across this Authentication error for the very first time.       “<Message>= Application...

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Oracle Development License


The Cost of Oracle Development License

Is it time for you to decrease the cost of an Oracle development license? In most cases, different companies focus on license cost cutting; therefore, they are using versions, which are unregistered. This is an important matter that may cause future issue. In a way, businesses avoid the cost...

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Oracle Master Agreement


Oracle Consulting Companies Eliminate Threats

Outsourcing IT services is playing a key role in the current business environment, therefore businesses are turning to Oracle consulting companies. Specialized professionals offering great services to the companies are the main reason for this trend. But unlike initial stages, the current data system of the companies contains all...

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Oracle Database


Database Migration in Oracle: Best Choice

If you are interested in database migration in Oracle, then the best options await you. Not only are the options of migrating becoming easier, in addition, the entire process has now been established in order for professional services to complete the migration without any complications. Why Database Migration in...

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Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs


Reduce Oracle Licenses Costs: 3 Ways

Reduce Oracle licenses costs without losing licenses your business requires to run efficiently. Cost control of licenses is an issue most organizations are facing today. Even with strong IT staff in place, the problem doesn’t evade anyone. The costs seem to go up every year and businesses do suffer...

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