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How to use Apache HTTP client in Android API 23

Hi there! Are you trying to set target sdk as 23 in your app which is using Apache HttpClient for all the network related operations? If yes, here is a bad news. Android 6.0 (API Level 23) release removes support for the Apache HTTP client. Hence you can not use this library directly in API 23. But there is a way to use it. Add useLibrary ‘org.apache.http.legacy’ in your build.gradle file as below-

android {
	useLibrary 'org.apache.http.legacy'

If this does not work you may apply the following hack-

– Copy org.apache.http.legacy.jar which is in /platforms/android-23/optional path of your Android SDK directory to your project’s app/libs folder.

– Now Add compile files(‘libs/org.apache.http.legacy.jar’) inside dependencies{} section of build.gradle file.