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ICONS for Windows10

Using the Segoe UI Symbol font is probably the easiest way to get icons that works with Windows 8.1 without too much fuss. For more information on the available icons available in the font, check out this nice list on the MSDN library.

To use them could not be any easier. The following XAML snippet displays the camera icon:

Assuming you want to display the icon in an appbar, you can use the following XAML markup:

Actually, since you are using an icon from the standard Segoe UI Symbol font, this can be even further simplified by using a symbol icon:

For more information check out the samples in the documentation for the AppBarButton class.

Please note: You are not limited to using AppBarButton only in the AppBar. You can for example replace your normal buttons in your XAML with AppBar buttons.

In the next blog I will share how to use other XAML icons and make them fit it into your Windows App. Thanks.