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What is New in AngularJS 2.0?

According the ngEurope conference ( the estimated release date of AngularJS 2.0 is the end of 2015.
With target of ES6 (ECMAScript 6), AngularJSis going to make a big jump from 1.3 to 2.0.
The primary aim is 3M- Mobile, Modular and Modern.

What Are the Changes?

Some of the major changes-

  1. AtScript: It is a language that is a superset of ES6 and its being used in Angular 2.0
    Templating and Data Binding-The goal is to simplify the directive API, to use web standards, improve performance etc.
    Here is an indication on how a very simple template could look like:@ComponentDirective({
    selector: 'exp-hello',
    template: 'Hello world!'
  2. Routing solution: The goal is to cover proof requirements such as multiple, nested, sibling’s, state based views etc.
  3. Logging:This version AngularJS coming with a new library ng-conf, that would allow pluggable modules that help logging a much meaningful stacktrace when working with an asynchronous event oriented language such as JavaScript.
  4. Dependency Injection:Another exciting feature generally known asa software design pattern in which an object is passed its dependencies, rather than creating them itself also included in this version of AngularJS.
  5. And many more..,

There is a lot of excitement and hiss around AngularJS 2.0 at the moment and this will only heighten as its release date nears.


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