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Why Software Consultation Is Rising In Current Business Scenarios?

By | November 24th, 2016|Categories: Oracle, Uncategorized|Tags: |

Software consultation is in demand! The whole world is seeing the growth of the IT sector, and with that, the growth of the different business sectors as well. The requirement of skilled, intelligent, and experienced [...]

Oracle 12.2 Database: 9 Features

By | November 24th, 2016|Categories: Oracle|Tags: |

With the launch of the onsite version of the Oracle 12.2 Database, people are interested in hearing about the new features. We detail 9 key features in conjunction with Oracle consulting services.   Rebuilt OAA [...]

How to Manage Your Oracle ULA

By | November 24th, 2016|Categories: Oracle|Tags: |

The Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) has been an issue for many organizations. The management of this agreement is so critical, that it leaves you with too much of a cash investment at the end. [...]

The Cost of Oracle Development License

By | November 22nd, 2016|Categories: Oracle|Tags: |

Is it time for you to decrease the cost of an Oracle development license? In most cases, different companies focus on license cost cutting; therefore, they are using versions, which are unregistered. This is an [...]