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Oracle vs PostgreSQL: A Quick Comparison

When it comes to database management systems, companies have quite a few options available. It is essential to know the core differences between the best options available so that you make an informed decision, which leads to more efficiency and growth for your company.

In this article, we can cover PostgreSQL and Oracle, two such widely used options for database systems based on a few crucial factors. These factors will make the basis of your decision to help you understand the best tool as per your business needs. Whether you are thinking of using Oracle or considering migration to PostgreSQL, this article will help you make a decision.

Oracle vs PostgreSQL

The main difference between these two databases is that PostgreSQL is an open-source database, while Oracle is a closed database system. Both of these databases have similar concepts as schemas indices, etc., but they have branched in a few areas differently.


PostgreSQL offers a great level of flexibility and scalability and can go up to millions of transactions each second. Oracle is mostly used for high workload and scalability too, but that comes at a cost involved.


The updated versions of Oracle generally take a while to be released since it’s a closed database system. On the contrary, with PostgreSQL, users get new features with bug fixes released every three months. This is one of the best advantages of choosing PostgreSQL and why companies are opting for migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL as the database management system.

Cloud Deployment

Oracle can be deployed on the Oracle cloud and a few popular cloud providers offer Oracle database as service with limited features. On the other hand, PostgreSQL can be deployed on any cloud with a variety of hosting solutions available as per the business needs.


Being an open-source database system, PostgreSQL is quite compatible with any databases and applications, making it easy to move to PostgreSQL. When it comes to Oracle, you are locked with the vendor product and have to pay additionally to use additional features.


Community support is one of the best features of PostgreSQL as it is available free, whereas Oracle support is available but again, after paying support fees.

Which Database Management System Is The Best?

Looking at the comparison points, we can say that PostgreSQL has many advantages based on business needs, as it keeps getting better with every small and big upgrade. Many successful companies are strategising their migration to PostgreSQL to reduce licensing costs, flexibility, better support and so many other advantages. If you are still wondering whether PostgreSQL is right for you, contact us and talk to our database experts and understand what would work for you the best. We will clarify your doubts so that you’ll be able to take an educated decision about whether to work with Oracle or to consider Oracle migration to PostgreSQL.