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A Brief Introduction to Oracle Goldengate for Heterogeneous Databases

Many softwares have been released and changed the field of data storage and replication to a great extent. One of those most widely talked about softwares is Oracle GoldenGate. It is a piece of software that can replicate data between databases. One of a very popular feature of Oracle GoldenGate is that it has the ability to exchange and change data between several heterogeneous systems at the transactional level. It is independent of the database and operates on the operating system.

Oracle GoldenGate provides sub-second latency and is also utilised for live reporting. It supports Databases including Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

What is heterogeneous database migration?

Heterogeneous Database Migration Is a process of switching from one database management system to another, where the source and destination databases are from different vendors. For example, when migrating from MySQL database to Oracle database, there are two database technologies. Oracle GoldenGate is a complete software is suitable for replicating and capturing real-time data in heterogeneous IT systems.

List of supported heterogeneous databases with Oracle GoldenGate.

The following is the small list of databases that are supported by Oracle GoldenGate.

  • DB2 LUW- It is a relational database that provides advanced data management and analytics capabilities for transactional applications.
  • DB2 for I- Db2 for I is a relational database management system that is connected with the IBM I platform and makes use of the Power Systems’ high performance, virtualization, and energy-saving capabilities. 
  • DB2 for z/OS-It serves important business applications and handles central business data throughout a company. Thousands of clients and millions of users are supported by Db2 for z/OS. It is always scalable, extremely secure, and available.
  • MySQL-it is the most well-known Open Source SQL database management system. Oracle Corporation is the developer, distributor, and supporter of MySQL.
  • SQL Server- Various transaction processing, business intelligence, and analytics applications are supported by SQL server in corporate IT settings.
  • Teradata- The Teradata Corp. creates the RDBMS known as Teradata. The management of sizable data warehousing activities is done using it.

Here is the complete list of Oracle and non-oracle databases supported by Oracle Goldengate –


Each database has its own requirement with heterogeneous migration. Moreover, working with Oracle GoldenGate for Heterogeneous Databases is quite a task. If you think that your organisation is ready for claiming the benefits by adopting it you can always take professional assistance. Contact Princeton IT for more queries.