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Princeton IT Service is hosting NJ Hadoop – Apache Storm meetup.

Princeton IT Services is hosting NJ Hadoop meetup on Aug 26th. The  following is the topic for this upcoming meetup:

Storm is a distributed and high-performance real-timecomputation system used by Twitter, Yahoo, Spotify, WebMD. Storm is a top level Apache Project which brings brand, governance and large community of the Apache Software Foundation. Storm scales linearlyfault-tolerant, provides areliable processing semantics, and is language agnostic (e.g. Java, Ruby, Python, Javascript, Perl)


In this talk, Eugene Dvorkin (@edvorkin) , Architect @WebMD and NYC Storm User Group organizer will present Apache Storm framework:

1) Why use Apache Storm?

2) Common use cases

3) Storm Architecture – Components, concepts, topology

4) Building simple Storm topology with Java and Groovy

5) Operation- fault tolerance, guaranteed msg delivery

6) Running and monitoring Storm in production

7) Trident – high-level abstraction on top of Storm

8) QA

Speaker: Eugene Dvorkin

Eugene has more than 20 years of industry experience. He is Architect at WebMD, where he is leading efforts in creating scalable, Big Data solutions.He introduced Storm to WebMD technology stack and developed WebMD’s Storm topology to power Medscape Medpulse mobile application which allow medical professionals to follow important medical trends with Medscape’s curated Today on Twitter feed and selection of blogs. He also contribute to many other Storm related projects. Outside of Storm his interests include distributed computing, machine learning, Hadoop ecosystem.