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What are the Benefits of Migrating to Linux?

Are you confused about migrating your database from Solaris to Linux or migrating from any existing OS to Linux? If yes, then this blog will help you lead to the right decision.

The number of computer professionals using Linux is increasing day by day. Big companies are considering Oracle Solaris to Linux migration. Linux OS has been established as a mainstream system for enterprises, however, if you need to understand why is it beneficial to consider switching to Linux from any of the OS like Solaris to Linux migration, here are a few reasons why should‌ go ahead.

Linux is a free OS

Installation and updating Linux is free of cost that comes with a great interface, unlike Windows OS where you have to spend money on every single update. Linux also provides users access to a huge source of free and open-source software that saves your time and budget.

Open Source Platform

Linux kernel is an open-source that allows each person to make their own changes and create their own distribution in their desired way for their specific needs. This is one of the biggest advantages of migrating to Linux.

Ultimate Data Safety

With Linux, you can escape the pain of installing the antivirus as it has been developed having users’ data safety as the major priority. You don’t need to have an antivirus at all with this OS that saves money and data on your hardware.

Ease of Use

A lot of people think that the Linux interface is only for tech-savvy professionals. This is a myth as there are a few specific tools available that make Linux as easy to use as the interface of windows. The best part is that you can even work with lower-end hardware without any lag. Also, Linux Kernel directly supports all the drivers which give you huge relief from the struggle of installing the drivers.

Universal Product & Always Updated OS

Since there are many distributors, the Linux kernel is always updated and all the other users can get benefit from it. Developers around the world are working on Linux projects which gives the opportunity to all the users to have answers to their specific questions around.

Linux is used on tablets, smartphones, and gadgets and also at the same time it is used on microcontrollers and supercomputers.


Overall, Linux is a dynamic operating system that is getting updated and improved every year by developers around the world. Migrating the database from Solaris to Linux can be a game-changing decision for you leading to multiple possibilities. Still confused? Talk to our Linux experts and clarify your concerns if you are looking to migrate to Linus.