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Understand Oracle Master Agreement



Different businesses dealing with Oracle Master Agreement or OMA know the importance of understanding each and every aspect of it. If you are a newbie in the Oracle world, make sure that you get ample knowledge about the agreement of the Oracle before clicking on that ‘I agree’ button.

This agreement has been formed to regulate the use of Oracle applications and licenses. With a combination of various rules and regulations, Oracle preset the terms under which one can use their facilities.

Here are all the necessary aspects that you should know before purchasing your next license.

1. It gives the authority to the Oracle to conduct an inspection of your system

When you sign the agreement, you give many authorities to the Oracle. One of which is the authority to conduct an inspection of your system. This means that they can come and pay a visit to check your systems any time after sending a notice letter to your company. They usually follow this process when there is a sign of violation of rules and regulations. Hence, the agreement asks you to maintain a managed and properly licensed application environment in your company. All the software should have been purchased through the necessary documentation process.

Oracle to conduct an inspection of your system

2. It gives the authority to keep a record of all the downloads and their payments

The agreement comes with a condition that the company needs to pay for the downloaded application within 30 days. However, it has been seen that the employees download and forget to pay for the application. This happens due to the fact that almost anyone from IT department can access and download these applications, which eventually collects a great number of unlicensed software in the company and the employees and the leaders stay unaware of the situation.

Oracle keeps an eye on the number of downloads and the payments made by the company. The situations like this induce the chances of an audit. In order to avoid this confusion, get a professional oracle database licensing support from the team of people, who know how to manage downloads of the company.

3. It asks you to pay or uninstall the software

The only information about the downloads that the Oracle provides stays within this agreement. Apart from that, it doesn’t send any inquiry about the payments or the uninstallation request once the trial period ends. Moreover, Oracle doesn’t even stop the service even if the payment has not been made. This makes the documentation of all the software in a company important above all

4. It asks you to follow the guidelines for the licensed software too

The story doesn’t end after the payment has been made for the licensed software. You need to follow certain rules regarding the server capacity, the number of users, and other technical requirements in order to stay on the good books of the Oracle.

If you are confused about the agreement and the rules of the Oracle, then it is better to collaborate with an external partner. These service providers can help you with the agreement and the management of the Oracle downloads.