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All You Need to Know About Oracle Licensing

When you decide to use Oracle Licensing, you give it the chance to enter your zone. This is why the licensing process is really important. The agreement that you sign with the Oracle decides how stress-free you are going to be in the near future.

Here are all the necessary points that you should know to successfully tackle the licensing process.

1. Keep a record of all the licenses

Keeping the record of all the purchases is necessary to understand the annual payment that your company is giving to Oracle. Hence, it is a wise idea to ask your accounting department to prepare a record of every download. Or, you can hire an external partner to work on the software in order to gather all the information regarding the earlier licenses.

2. Understand your requirement

Every organization has its own requirement of the software, and that requirement plays a great role in the selection of the suitable licenses. However, the process of analyzing the needs is a hard task that asks for a deep examination of the IT department of the company, which includes the processors, understanding of the access authority, and the virtualization of the database. The most critical thing is to keep an eye on the requirements of the oracle development license, which changes without any announcements. Again, an external team of experts can be beneficial in this process too.

3. Don’t pay more than necessary

When organizations don’t understand their needs, they end up with more than necessary licenses. In case, you are also in that position, consider getting the help of professionals to re-arrange the Oracle license strategy of your business. This step will ensure a long term saving of money for your business. Moreover, you will be able to utilize the purchased software better than earlier.

The key here is- the more you use, the more you will save. Hence, try finding all the possible ways to use your current licenses and remove those which are not very useful. You will find a great decrease in the annual costs.

4. Re-check the number of licenses regularly

Re-checking is something that will keep you updated about the number of licenses your company is using. The idea here is to divide the checking process into several parts. Or, you can do it every time you plan a change in the current software system. Hence, it makes certain points necessary for the checking of the number of licenses you hold.

If you are planning to purchase new Oracle products, count the number of licenses before going forward. It will provide the necessary data for the future reference.

Also, it is very necessary to count the numbers before changing the hardware. Otherwise, you might end up paying more at the end of the year.

Some companies prefer doing the counting and checking process once or twice a year.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to understand the scenario of Oracle licensing, and your business will enjoy a trouble free support whole year. However, it is better to work with an external partner to avoid any serious issues.