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What You Need to Set Up Oracle Goldengate

In order to set up or shift to the Goldengate, a company needs to create the necessary environment to favor this type of database system.

There are many ways to cultivate the favorable environments, which can be understood through the assistance of Goldengate migration expertsHowever, there are some basic facts that anyone moving in this direction should know.

Here are the facts that one should know to create a favorable environment to successfully migrate or set up this type of system databases.

1. Always install the latest version

It is important to download the most recent version in order to avoid the failures. Oracle frequently enhances its technology and provide new versions of the product. Hence, instead of downloading the old versions, install the latest one. There are various platforms, allowing customers to buy these versions, but the most effective way is to have an external partner to help you during the whole process.

2. Keep a backup and install

Keeping a backup is most important in the whole process. You need to have the backup in order to create the required database. Many service providers can help you in maintaining the backup of the current database. But make sure, you are collaborating with the experienced ones, who know all about the latest versions of this product.

There is one other way than keeping a backup, however, in which you use the instantiation of the installed software to transform the data from old server to the new one. The method allows you to transform and load the initial data. People who prefer this process love the fact that it saves a lot of effort by providing the necessary platform to directly transform and load the data. Otherwise, the process becomes difficult because transforming only starts after the loading of the data. However, it is to notice that the direct method makes the process a little slower than the former one.

3. The setup with primary keys or without primary keys

The idea of the setup is to carefully replicate all the necessary tables from the old database to the new one. It is also necessary that the original database has the correct supplemental logging enabled. Use right keys and commands to add new tables and the keys.

The primary keys are really important to conduct the whole process smoothly. However, if you find that there are tables without primary keys, then they need to be handled with extreme care and focus. Otherwise, it can lead the new setup to a low-performance zone. Or, in some bizarre situations, data corruption can also occur. Hence, instead of following the general process, try to get some help from the professionals to handle the situation well.

There are issues that can occur during the setup of this software. Intelligent people follow the rules and get skilled people to do their job. So, you know all the environment needs to set up this kind of database in your company. Hopefully, it will help you to get it without any complications.