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An introduction to Oracle Cloud GoldenGate Service

Oracle Cloud GoldenGate is a platform for real-time data connectivity that offers managed services to users so they can plan, organise, carry out, and check on their data replication projects and make use of stream data processing tools.

Though it is used for many types of solutions, database replication is the most popular one. For the Oracle Database, GoldenGate is the only scalable, complete, and fully supported solution. Oracle data integration enables constant and ubiquitous access to data across heterogeneous systems.

Need for Oracle Cloud GoldenGate Service

Company data is often spread in heterogeneous databases across the organisation. You can utilise Oracle cloud GoldenGate to load, distribute, and filter transactions inside your company in real-time and enable migrations between multiple databases with near-zero downtime.

Use cases for Oracle GoldenGate Cloud Service

  • Cloud onboarding: Replicate on-premises data to new cloud applications in real-time using Oracle Database Cloud Service.
  • Real-time reporting: Capture real-time data from multiple data sources and deliver to Oracle Database Cloud Service for creating reports.
  • Query off-loading: Off-load production transactions to Oracle Database Cloud Service.
  • Real-time data warehousing: Replicate data to the data warehouse repository in real time.
  • High availability: Backup data to enable high availability for databases.

Features of Oracle Cloud GoldenGate Service

  • Reduced latency- There is real-time data movement, which lowers latency.
  • Consistency – Performance is enhanced and consistency is enabled by moving only committed transactions.
  • Replication on heterogeneous databases – The Oracle Database is supported in various releases and versions, and a wide range of heterogeneous databases running on various operating systems are also supported.
  • High performance – High performance with less burden on the underlying infrastructure and databases


Through constant data synchronisation and movement across two or more active databases in a cross-architecture, Oracle GoldenGate offers the highest level of availability and performance.

Oracle GoldenGate is a very strong tool that can be utilised in various use case scenarios thanks to its modular design, supported topologies, and performance traits. if you are planning to incorporate Oracle Cloud GoldenGate Services into your organisation for better performance don’t think twice about it. If you have any query related to it our team of professionals is here to serve you. Contact us at Princeton IT Services.