10 Linux Commands That Admins Can Find Useful

  1. Uptime Command

Uptime command, in Linux, displays the running time for your system and the number of users are currently logged in and also displays […]

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centos7 – mysql install fails due to conflict in libmysqlclient.so

We recently built new linux server using CentOS Version 7.0. This release of CentOS comes with MariaDB and MySQL is not a standard offering.

When I tried […]

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Linux / Unix Automation : System deployment

Linux / Unix Automation : System Deployment

Any organisation that utilises an IT infrastructure will at some point come across the following fundamental questions:

  • What do we need server hosts […]

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Basics of Vi editor in Unix

The Vi editor is a fast and powerful text editor of Unix system. Vi does not contain any menu, instead it uses combinations of keystrokes to accomplish an action. […]

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Deleting files older than x number of day

Below is the linux command to delete files older than 3 days with extension .trc:

find . -type f -name '*.trc' -mtime +3 | xargs -i -t rm {}

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