centos7 – mysql install fails due to conflict in libmysqlclient.so

We recently built new linux server using CentOS Version 7.0. This release of CentOS comes with MariaDB and MySQL is not a standard offering.

When I tried […]

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Linux / Unix Automation : System deployment

Linux / Unix Automation : System Deployment

Any organisation that utilises an IT infrastructure will at some point come across the following fundamental questions:

  • What do we need server hosts […]

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Basics of Vi editor in Unix

The Vi editor is a fast and powerful text editor of Unix system. Vi does not contain any menu, instead it uses combinations of keystrokes to accomplish an action. […]

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Deleting files older than x number of day

Below is the linux command to delete files older than 3 days with extension .trc:

find . -type f -name '*.trc' -mtime +3 | xargs -i -t rm {}

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