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BI Analytics and the Modern Tools Used to Make Data-driven Decisions

An enormous amount of data is generated by businesses every day. In order to make smart decisions, identify problems, and increase profitability, businesses require the right tools and techniques. BI analytics is one such robust solution that organizations use to turn data into key actionable insights.

What is BI analytics?

BI analytics is a discipline that leverages digital tools, technologies, and strategies to analyze business data. It is used to transform data into actionable insights, which enable businesses to make data-driven decisions. 

Business analytics BI tools access and analyze data sets and present analytics discoveries in the form of dashboards, charts, graphs, and maps. This provides users with comprehensive intelligence about the business. It includes statistical analysis, data analytics, predictive modeling, and data mining.

How does BI analytics help businesses?

The information gathered through business analytics can be used to optimize business operations, make predictions for the future and adopt strategies to fit the observed trends. Data analytics using Power BI helps businesses get valuable insights and understand customer buying patterns, consumer behavior, and market trends. It also enables organizations to identify potential risks and loopholes in their business model and boost productivity and efficiency by addressing them.

Understanding the difference between business intelligence and BI analytics

Many people feel that “BI” and “BI analytics” can be used interchangeably. However, this is not true. BI analyzes past and present data to drive current business needs. On the other hand, BI analytics analyzes past data to drive current business. BI will answer the “What” and “How” of business operations, while business analytics BI will answer the “Why.”

Top modern-day BI analytics tools

There are a variety of business analytics BI tools available to help businesses collect data from various sources and deliver useful analysis and insights to help them make informed decisions about their customers.

Here are the top modern BI advanced analytics tools that businesses should look forward to using.

Zoho Analytics

It can be used to synchronize data from multiple sources and compare it for better decision making.

Microsoft Power BI

This tool helps directly integrate BI data into reports. It offers a lot of data visualizations. It has a built-in AI feature that provides custom data metrics. Data analytics using Power BI available in this tool can help query the data and edit it without impacting other programs.


It is a cloud-based power BI analytics platform that offers various BI tools to provide simplified, direct, and real-time access to business data for decision-making. It has various BI visualization options to choose from.


It is a data visualization tool that provides graphical and pictorial representations of data. It helps organizations view and understand data.

Google Data Studio

Turn your data into interactive charts, reports, and dashboards that are easy to understand.

Businesses need to ensure that they have relevant data and well-organized information to achieve their goals. BI tools make life easy and convenient for organizations. Good data is the key to driving digital transformation. Having the right power BI analytics tools is vital to hitting those organizational goals.

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