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Understanding the Components of AWS RDS

Amazon Web service has numerous products and services to offer to businesses of all sizes and different requirements. Amazon RDS is one of the most popular among them with the availability of this relational database service.

With RDS, the tasks of setting up, operating, and scaling a relational database in the Amazon Cloud become easier for software programmers. Using a single API Call in AWS RDS, businesses can scale storage and other computing resources.

In the previous blog, we discussed two fundamental components of AWS RDS. Let’s discuss the remaining primary components in this blog.

The Primary Components Of AWS RDS – Part 2

Database Parameter Groups

A database parameter group is a collection of engine configuration parameters that may be applied to one or more database instances of the same instance type. It assists in specifying configuration variables particular to the chosen DB Engine, such as max connections, force SSL, and auto-commit. It supports both custom parameter groups, which allow values to be overridden, and default parameter groups, which cannot be changed.

Security Groups

The security group is the one that controls the operation of DB instances by creating an IP address for each user that requires authorization from the security group in order to use the operational features.

There are 3 categories of security groups in Amazon RDS:

  • Security Group VPC
  • Group EC2 Security
  • Group DB Security

DB option groups

The DB option groups make it simpler to handle databases because Amazon RDS includes tools used by some DB engines.

Such tools are made available by RDS through option groups for MySQL Memcached support, Oracle Application Express (APEX), and SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption among others.


Since the introduction of AWS RDS, it is now possible for Amazon RDS to handle all database administration responsibilities. In other sectors, it has shown results that considerably reduce the size of the DBA staff.

Hope this article has given you a fair idea about the components that come together to make AWS RDS work.

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